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YH Defense Fund

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Hey guys!

Love the site as well as the fight! I own a couple of YH caps myself! I also bought them for the whole family as well as co-workers.

I was born and bred on Long Island and I am a Yankee Hater! (it’s easy to become one when you’re faced with the mentality of their fans every day.) I will root against the Yankees any day of the week, even if they’re playing the Braves!

When I first saw the YH hat, I was in Baltimore for a Sox game. I thought it was brilliant, but then I found out that it was created in New Jersey and thought that was the ultimate in brilliance! You keep going, don’t you give up for one single moment. One e-mailer responded that you should just take a breath and step back…but that’s what they want you to do! The e-amiler even said “…. granted, the Yankees started it.” Excuse me? The Yankees started it so everyone else should just sit down and be quiet? The Yankees think that they can control everything. Our court system is bogged down with Yankee types that want the “little guy” to quit. Our court system is bogged down with Yankee types filing bogus suits. I hope this (YH v. NYY) is one of them. By the wa: Is there a fund to help you with your legal costs?

Yesterday, New York papers were filled with stories of how the Yankees are fighting everyone. They think that Damon should’ve been congratulated when he returned to Fenway. Well he was! – 81 times in 2005! But, how did the Yankee fans respond to David Wells? And Wells had come from the Padres to the Sox! You can’t have it only one way, you Yankee Yutzes! Cashman tried to block the Mirabelli trade. He admitted that he didn’t want him, but just didn’t want the Sox to have him. This is not a new story, but he was proud to say that at the very least, he brought the price up a bit. You call this sportsmanship? Also in the papers is how George sent people to MLB headquarters with tapes of games of umpires missing calls…please, oh please, get over yourself! Every team has missed calls from time to time- it’s the sport, the way the game is played. Didn’t their mothers ever teach them it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game?

There’s one thing I don’t understand about this whole mess (YH v NYY). If you recall when Pedro uttered those fatal words about the Yankees being his “daddy”, MLB was selling “Who’s your Daddy?” t-shirts. Why is it that MLB takes the side of George in that matter AND in this one? I clearly remember it was MLB-licensed merchandise, but when Red Sox Fans complained about it, they asserted themselves as “poking fun”, yet they can’t take it when it’s aimed at the Yankees???? Oh wait a minute- yes, I have it- it’s the Yankee way, of course!

Yours truly, Noreen Cassidy Moriches, NY

[Editor’s Note: We never seriously thought that people would be willing to help us build up a defense fund. But if there are people out there who want to help, you can make a Paypal payment to: rebelforcesllc@aol.com. Please add a message, explaining why you are making the contribution. We’ll post the best takes. And thanks in advance to all who decide to jump in the ring with us!]