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[Well, the story by ESPN’s Darren Rovell really brought a lot of attention, and lots of opiniated emails. Here’s a few of them, for better or worse:]


ATLANTA-BASED LOVE:Brandon Forquer of Dallas, TX writes: “Hello to my new favorite website. I am a huge Atlanta Braves fan. To some, that’s a horrible thing because of our foothold on the N.L. East for the past 14 years. At least we don’t do it like the Yanks.

Unlike Steinbrenner (Satan), we build our teams from the ground up. I do agree that we have bought our share of key players to continue our success, but last year was a testament to being farm-raised.

But this is not why I am writing. The main issue is that I have noticed that you make specific YH caps for fans of NY, Baltimore, Seattle, and Boston; where’s the Atlanta YH cap? I know we might not be as strong a rival as the Sox, but let me tell you: you could find diamonds in the dirt next to our hate. For years I have had to listen to people call my team “losers” for only winning one World Series against the Yankees. I derive most of my hate from those losses, but that’s not the only reason. I was (in TX) when A-Rod came to the Rangers. I cannot deny that he is a great player. I was elated to know that I could go to the park anyday of the week and watch him play. Then it happened: the Rangers got cheap, as always, and shipped him to HELL. Oh, I can never root for Mr. Rodriquez again. When he left the Rangers, he was a good man. Now, he slaps baseballs out of first basemen’s gloves like an old lady wields a purse.

I do not own a piece of Yankees Hater gear yet. But the day that you make some for Atlanta fans, I will be the first one placing an order. GO BRAVES!”

[Editor’s Note: Most of the fans from Atlanta have purchased the cap named after our dog, Fenway (“Fenway’s Reverse” cap). They seem to like the colors.]