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SF YH Love

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SF-BASED LOVE: Jordan Beard writes: “Freaking love your site. Freaking love it!

I read the article about you on ESPN’s website. Good luck against them; I hope you win.

Only one side comment: you forgot to mention the original Yankee Haters. From the 1800’s, the Giants hated the Yankees so much that they had them thrown out of the Polo Grounds. The Giants’ owner even got the Polo Grounds to let him personally deliver the news to the Yankees! “Go play somewhere else…How about the Bronx.” he was quoted as saying. So, the Yankees built Yankee Stadium right across the water from the Polo Grounds in order to get revenge. The Giants never forgave them for that, and a string of good years by the Yanks and a string of bad years for the Giants sealed the deal.

Sure, we haven’t had any sparring matches as of late, but we will always be the original Yankee Haters”.