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eBay auction of Ortiz jersey gets Bronx Yankee Hater off the hook

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As a result of simple math, one Yankee Hater just got off the hook.

The Yankees indicated that they might pursue civil charges against Bronx construction worker Gino Castignoli after the Yankee Hater submerged a David Ortiz jersey in the cement foundation of the new Yankee Stadium. According to an article in the New York Post, The Yankees alleged that the cost of retrieving the jersey was $50,000. Presumably this would have been the sum sought by the Yankees in any civil suit against Castignoli, though the amount seems absurdly high for 15 minutes of digging. At that cost, who are these guys manning the jackhammers, anyway? Can you imagine the series of discussions that must have led to their role in the construction of the new stadium. How about this:

“Hank, this Francisco Ariba is a stud. He’s a four-tool star: hammer, nailgun, crowbar and screwdriver. Either we sign him, or the Sox will get him to do their right field roof seats.”

“Three year deal. $1.2 million. Don’t take no for an answer.”

The Yankees later donated the Ortiz jersey to the Jimmy Fund, which of course was a nice thing to do. The jersey was quickly listed on eBay. The bids for the unearthed Ortiz jersey were approaching $70,000 as of Sunday night. Now, you may say that a tattered jersey isn’t worth $70,000. And I may agree. The fact remains that some buyer out there is willing to part with $70,000 in order to get the Ortiz jersey. Taken a step further, the Yankees voluntarily relinquished an asset worth $70,000 (or $20,000 more than the $50,000 they say they are out). Frankly, they could have kept it, and shown a profit of $20,000 on the whole ordeal.

So, the question is: What financial damages did the Yankees actually suffer here?

Somewhere in the Bronx, there was probably a family offering up a toast when the bids eclipsed $50,000. Yankee Haters win again.