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Jeffrey Crowder, a Yankees fans, writes: I am a longtime Yankees fan. I just finished reading the ESPN article about your company’s court battle with MLB and the Yankees. You might be surprised when I say this, but…I hope you kick their butts in court. As much as I love the game and my Yankees, these guys are the root of all that is evil without beloved game today. MLB is perhaps the most greedy of all of the sports. I am not a casual fan, as I have scouted baseball talent closely since the ’70’s. Good luck to you and your company. I hope everyone keeps the true spirit of the game at the forefront. What you’ve done is brilliant, and you desrve all the rewards coming to you. My highest regards, JC.”

[Editor’s Note: Finally, a Yankee fan that understands that YH caps are designed to be a fun way to poke fun at our Yankee-loving friends. Refreshing!]