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War or Words

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(Posted 3/7/05)

WAR OF WORDS CONTINUES…TROT’S TURN: While there are thousands (millions?)of people who hate the Yankees, the Sox seem content to focus on a single Yankee: Alex Rodriguez. Assuming you consider him to be a true Yankee in the first place: “When people ask me about the Yankees, I tell them about Jeter and Bernie Williams and Posada,” said Trot Nixon. “I don’t tell them about Rodriguez.” Nixon apparently didn’t like A-Rod’s jab at players who commit their off-season time to their kids: “Like Rodriguez says, he’s running stairs at 6 in the morning while I’m sleeping and taking my kids to school. I’m like, ‘Well, I’m not a deadbeat dad, Alex’.” Nixon also didn’t care for A-Rod’s whiny display after Rodriguez was called out after the now-infamous “slap play” involving Sox pitcher Bronson Arroyo: “You’re the one that swung the bat and hit that little nubber down there.” It is possible to like this group of Red Sox any more?